As Founder & President of Career Path Consulting & Development, I have 20+ years of experience in guiding professionals’ career aspirations, “fixing” people’s stalled careers, and overhauling broken businesses & organizations.

I have a unique skill set and background that sets me apart and enables me to help both individuals and corporations reach their goals and realize their potential.

I have “been there and done that” myself on every level. I worked my way up from a “boots-on-the-ground” hourly employee on the front lines to an executive level position within the corporate environment.

I know first hand what it takes to get from point A to point Z and everywhere in between. I understand needs and challenges from both the employee and the employer perspective.

Added to this are my years in the field of working with professional and organizations just like you. Will I “get” your goals, your dreams and your challenges?

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You bet I will. And that’s why I’ll know how to help you.

Finally, my academic experience and professional post-graduate certifications provide me with a unique technical skill-set to help my clients reach their potential. I’ve earned graduate school level degrees in Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Psychology, and Business Management along with more than a dozen individual specialization certifications.

I am continuously up-to-speed on the most current industry knowledge, tools, technology and methodologies.

I have watched my clients succeed, grow and evolve, and I am fired and inspired by them. Knowing that I “make a difference” in people’s lives is what makes me want to get up and go to work every day. There’s nothing better than loving what you do for a living. Let me show you how.

Call for a complimentary consultation. The best part of my day is talking to people about their dreams, so let’s talk about your goals and aspirations.

Let me show you your potential and the possibilities we can create!

Career Path is founded on my two core beliefs:


  • ​Every single individual or organization who has achieved success has had someone in their past as a mentor or coach, someone that offered expert advice, support, and encouragement. CAREER PATH seeks to be that coach and mentor for our individual and corporate clients.
  • Understanding is the key to unlocking the knowledge that leads to success. That’s why I use the tools and DISC assessments of the SCIENCE OF SELF to achieve clarity first and foremost. Understanding is the foundation of CAREER PATH’S approach to coaching for both individuals and businesses.



INTEGRITY: Trust and integrity are non-negotiable for me. I guarantee confidentiality, and I work within the strictest ethical and moral guidelines. I create an environment where it is safe to be honest, open to change, and genuine on all levels. And I’ll trust that you want to make real changes and that you’ll follow through on our work together.

TRUTH: One of my key responsibilities as a coach is to provide reality checks. That means real, honest feedback about your goals. I’ll let you know whether they’re realistic, reasonable, and achievable and how well you are doing to achieve them.

COMMITMENT: I fully commit to my clients. I will be there for you and with you. At the same time, I encourage – and sometimes demand – commitment from you. Getting anywhere means suiting up and showing up, and it’s not always easy.

At CAREER PATH I support both my individual and organizational clients in achieving the highest level of success possible! I use the best tools and skill sets, and I develop them individually for each person and situation.

FOR COACHING CLIENTS: My mission is to enable you to own your career path to job satisfaction and happiness. As your coach, I will support you in discovering the ideal job, career, and environment that will enhance your life and help you reach your career goals.

FOR BUSINESSES CONSULTING CLIENTS: My mission is to support your organization in identifying, selecting and developing the right employees that will help achieve the kind of successful work culture that ensures maximum growth and ROI.


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